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US Department of Defense

  • Tested
  • Certified
  • Deployed

Thousands of copies of Platinum CS Protection (PCSP™) have been successfully deployed within the US Government.  PCSP™ has been tested, approved and deployed for use by DHS, FAA, Navy, Marine Corp, Air Force, Army, DOJ, Joint Interagency Task Force as well as by several prominent government defense contractors.

 PCSP™ can be found in the Department of the Navy (DoN) Application and Database Management System (DADMS) - DADMS# 52590. There is a current Government Acquisition Contract vehicle in place that agencies can order PCSP™ called the NASA Solutions for Enterprise Wide Procurement (SEWP) IV contract.

Platinum CS Protection TM is  available on the GSA schedule.  

Platinum CS Protection Deployed

Protecting America

Operational Readiness / High-Availability:

Meets Continuity of Operations Plan, COOP Directives

Provide Field Agents and Enterprise Operational Servers with 99.999%

High-Availability access to Agency’s critical applications and data with NO IT Support

Restore the Enterprise from a Cybersecurity threat the time it takes the system(s) to reboot


(DIACAP, C&A and IA ) Maintain Security profile - Cybersecurity enhancement

Provide the Information Assurance capability to the Gold Master software baseline

Maintain guaranteed Compliance state systems

Platinum Cyber Security ProtectionTM

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Current government contract holders