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Protecting Chemical Manufactures

Platinum CS Protection

helps chemical manufactures meet and exceed Critical Infrastructure Protection requirements including:

CIP-001-1 Sabotage Reporting

CIP-002 Critical Cyber Assets

CIP-003 Security Management Controls CIP-004 Personnel and Training

CIP-005 Electronic Security

CIP-006 Physical

CIP-007 Systems Security Management

CIP-008 Incident Reporting and Response Planning

CIP-009 Recovery Plans

Platinum CS Protection ™Certified, deployed and proven reliable for both Department of Defense as well as other Federal and State government use.

Platinum Cyber Security ProtectionTM

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems were never designed to be connected to the Internet.  Recent exploits have proven that the “air gap” between SCADA systems and business networks that are connected to the Internet can be compromised even though they are not directly connected to the Internet. SCADA systems are almost NEVER updated for fear that the affected systems won’t work properly post-update. This is nothing less than a recipe for a cyber disaster, since cyber holes don’t get fixed.

It’s not a matter of if; it’s only a matter of when! 

Sooner or later, even the most sophisticated cyber security strategies will be compromised and result in:

  • Executives not in compliance with Federal laws

  • Widespread economic upheaval as loss of chemical production impacts other dependent industries

  • Loss of corporate value – market capitalization, revenue, earnings

  • Loss of customers

  • Millions lost defending or settling class action lawsuits

  • Millions spent on restoring operations Potential for environmental disasters that could include loss of life

The Federal Energy and Regulatory Commission (FERC) and NERC are still trying to play catch-up and tighten up the Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) measures mandated by the US government. FERC approved the CIP Reliability Standards developed for the electric industry by NERC and directed NERC to develop modifications to CIP, including:

  • Removing the “reasonable business judgment” language and the “acceptance of risk” exceptions.

  • Developing specific conditions that a responsible entity must satisfy to invoke the “technical feasibility” exception.

These tighter standards are being applied throughout the critical industries in the US, including the Chemical Manufacturing industry which is Nearly a $1.5 trillion global industry with over 170 chemical companies in the US with with more than 15,000 facilities operating in the US

When Life Depends On It...Securing Chemical Manufacturers from Cyber Attack.