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US Department of Defense

  • Tested
  • Certified
  • Deployed

now available for commercial use

The only software that eliminates propagation of malware in less than 90 seconds

Remediate 1 to 1000's of systems worldwide at one time by simply rebooting the infected system(s)

Reduce software related help desk costs up to 90%

Maintain regulatory compliance baselines

Tested, approved and deployed by the US Army, Navy, Marine Corp., Air Force, DHS, FAA, DOJ, Joint Interagency Task Force and other government agencies.

deploying A Department of Homeland Security DESIGNATED Anti-terrorism software technology
Limits your Cyber insurance risk and liability

Limit Cyber Insurance risk with the only DHS Designated Anti-terrorism software technology

The only mission/business continuity dhs designated anti-terrorism Software

US Government Customers


Chemical Manufacturing

Electric Generation

Financial Services

Health Care

Nuclear Power

Oil & Gas Telecommunications


Water & Sewer

Designated and approved for critical infrastructure industries

Platinum Cyber Security ProtectionTM

Platinum Cyber Security ProtectionTM